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Prepare to enter the Hall of the Dead.

This latest Update adds a gallery system into Little Reaper/

Use the souls you have collected to unlock character/enemy biographies, world stories and music tracks.

Learn the names, faces, and story of all your enemies.

Find the artifacts to unlock hidden stories about the games world.

Or just listen to your favourite music track from the game.

Additional patch notes;

- Control mapping no longer resets unintentionally.

- Added feedback to control mapper.

- Save point cooldown reduced

- Added option in Video settings to enable mouse cursor

- Ongoing optimization to reduce file size and load times. - Fixed an alive object late game that was falling through the ground.

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Little Reaper has released the first update! We have worked on some known bugs, and listened to feedback to improve gameplay and performance. In this update;

- Save system overhauled, there shouldn't be any frame skips on save anymore!

- Cooldown added to manual saving to stop spamming causing issues.

- Fixed colliders to stop 3 known ways of escaping the map.

- Changes to lighting in a few scenes to reduce game size and load times.

- Worm boss hitbox adjusted to properly match model size better.

- Adjusted some death spike colliders in later areas. The next update should be out soon. We are working on some issues with custom controls, reducing file size ad load times, and if it's ready in time a big surprise.

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